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26 Piece Premium Fly Tying Tool Kit w/Rotating Vise

26 Piece Premium Fly Tying Tool Kit w/Rotating Vise

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This kit contains all your essential fly tying tools. This kit does not include case, items are packaged in polybags.

The Supreme Vise is our best selling vise. It is a heavy duty vise made of hardened steel and polished brass. The head assemble rotates 360 degrees and pivots upward to nearly 90 degrees, this allows the user to view the fly from any angle. Included is a heavy duty clamp mount to attach your vise to a work surfaces up to 1-1/2" in thickness. Vise has black, non-glare finish. Includes hex wrench for pivot screw adjustment. Includes a set of 3 replacement jaws which can be used for hook sizes 4/0 to a size 24. Scissors are manufactured in Pakistan and all other tools are manufactured in India.

Included Items:

3  Double Flared-end Bullet Style Bobbin
Double Flared-end Bobbin - Long Tube
Medium Brass Hair Stacker
Material Bobbin with heavy SS tube & ball feet
4" Premium SS Scissors w/Gold Handle
4" Premium SS Scissors Curved w/gold handle
Large Long Nose Hackle Pliers
Medium Long Nose Hackle Pliers
Clear Plastic Snap Case
Heavy Pedestal Base and shaft adapter
3 Extra Replacements Jaws w/ 2 fasteners
Whip Finisher Long Handle
Bobbin Threader
Bodkin/Dubbing Needle
Rotary Dubbing Twister
Hackle Guard - 3/set
Small Hackle Pliers
Material Spring 
Large SS Bodkin
Small SS Bodkin
Hackle Gauge